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After years of creating natural plant-based healing products for ourselves and for family and friends, 

we started to dream of ways we could offer our natural beauty, spa and wellness creations to everyone. 

As it goes, in the way of manifestation, we put our dreams, our thoughts and our energy (along with research, 

hard work and prayer) into creating the reality of Trinity Rose Botanicals.

We’re proud to offer small batch health, beauty, and wellness products to you and to our expanding community. 

We use our education and experience in Western Herbalism, Traditional Ayurvedic Medicine, 

and Aromatherapy to formulate our offerings.

Trinity Rose Botanicals is dedicated to serving the health and wellness of our community. 

We promote holistic and natural healing methods like massage, energetic and emotional healing,

ceremony, yoga instruction, meditation, self-care, classes, workshops, and coaching. We're here to help you 

support or regain health and balance and to live in harmony with nature, the earth, and the elements.

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