Setting Intention into Motion

After years of creating handmade, natural, plant-based healing products for family and friends, and as our collection grew, we wanted to allow others to enjoy their safe and effective benefits. All of our wellness and beauty formulas are a collaboration of traditional Western Herbalism, the synergistic and curative properties of medicinal plants, and a much older system of traditional Ayurvedic medicine. 

Trinity Rose Botanicals is also dedicated to serving the health and well-being of our community by promoting natural therapies like massage, energetic and emotional healing, ceremony, yoga instruction, meditation, 

self-care, classes, workshops, and coaching.

We continuously research, learn, and dream big to create innovative products and ideas that maximize health, wellness, and Daily Ritual.

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"May the Ocean of Salt, the Ocean of Honey, the Ocean of Wine, the Ocean of Ghee, the Ocean of Curd, the Ocean of Milk, The Ocean of Sweet Water sprinkle thee with her consecrated waters."  

~Mahanirvana Tantra X